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Majestic Savings Adware Removal

Found a new adware called Majestic Savings this morning. If you have Majestic Savings on your machine, you may have noticed additional links with a green arrow appearing, with a tool-tip saying “Click to Continue -> by Majestic Savings“.

Click to Continue - ads by Majestic Savings

Majestic Savings also modifies Google search results by inserting ads. The ads are labeled Ads by Majestic Savings.

Ads by Majestic Savings in Google search results

You may also see Majestic Savings popping up a dialog saying that it has upgraded itself by installation something called Browser Guardian:

Majestic Savings - Browser Guardian

Majestic Savings is added as an add-on in your web browsers. Here’s how it looks in Firefox:

Majestic Savings 1.0 appears as a Firefox Add-on

Removing Majestic Savings is easy, just select the Majestic Savings files in FreeFixer and the adware problem is solved:

majestic-savings-internet-explorer majestic-savings-firefox-extension

How did you get Majestic Savings on your machine? Please share by posting a comment. I found it while testing a software download, where Majestic Savings was offered during the installation, however, the installer referred to it as Majestic Coupons:

Majestic Coupons


Hope you found this useful.