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MyBestOffersToday – Pop Up Removal Instructions.

Getting pop-up ads from MyBestOffersToday?

My Best Offers Today Pop-Up

Removing MyBestOffersToday is easy. Just uninstall it from the Windows Control Panel…

How To Remove MyBestOffersToday from the Windows Control Panel

.. or if you’d like to use FreeFixer, select the MyBestOffersToday files for removal. They will  have “mbot” as part of the filename:

mybestofferstoday startup in FreeFixer mbot files in freefixer mybestofferstoday_widget.exe

I uploaded one of the file to VirusTotal. Here’s the scan result for mybestofferstoday_widget.exe. The files are signed by Tuto4PC.comTuto4PC and Eorezo are two of the detection names:

mybestofferstoday virustotal

My Best Offers Today is bundled with other software downloads. Here’s how it was disclosed in one of the installers where I found it:

my best offers today installer

How did you get My Best Soft Today on your machine? Please share in the comments.