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iWeBar – Removal Instruction

Just a quick update. I’ve just uploaded a small removal tutorial for the iWeBar software.

If you have the iWeBar installed on your machine, you’ll probably see iWebar-bg.exe running in the Windows Task Manager and ads labeled “Powered by iwebar” in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

powered by iwebar

There’s also a bunch of other iWeBar files that will be run by the Windows Task Scheduler that appears in FreeFixer’s scan result.

  • iWebar-bho.dll
  • iWebar-chromeinstaller.exe
  • iWebar-codedownloader.exe
  • iWebar-enabler.exe
  • iWebar-firefoxinstaller.exe
  • iWebar-updater.exe
  • iwebar.exe

Here’s the video:

Update 5th November: The iWebar adware is still distributed. Now the iWebar files are digitally signed by Gogo Network Club. According to the embedded certificate Gogo Network Club is located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Gogo Network Club iwebar