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LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” – 5% Detection Rate At VirusTotal

Hi there! If you are a regular here on the FreeFixer blog, you know that I’ve been examining files that have a digital signature and bundle various types of potentially unwanted software. Today I found another publisher named LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” that bundles some software.


You can also see the LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” certificate by looking under the Digital Signature tab on the file’s properties. According to the certificate, LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” is located in Lviv, Ukraine. Comodo has issued the certificate.


The issue is that FlashPlayer__6741_i1651201445_il1668.exe is not an official Adobe Flash Player download. If it was, it would have been digitally signed by Adobe Systems Incorporated. Here’s how the authentic Adobe Flash Player looks like when you double click on it. Notice that the “Verified publisher” says “Adobe Systems Incorporated”.
Adobe Systems Incorporated - Adobe Flashplayer Installer

So, what does the anti-virus programs say about the LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” file? No problem, I just uploaded the file to VirusTotal and it turned out that a few of the anti-virus programs detects the LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” file, with names such as ADWARE/Amonetize.Gen and a variant of Win32/Amonetize.IQ potentially unwanted.

anti-virus scan LLC LEVADIYA-PROEKT

Did you also find a LLC “LEVADIYA-PROEKT” file?

Thank you for reading.