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SuperCool Applications Publisher – Warning

This night I found a file claiming to be an installer for Adobe’s Flash Player. However, the file was not signed by Adobe as it should be. Instead SuperCool Applications appeared as the publisher:

SuperCool Applications Publisher

SuperCool Applications also appears under the digital signature tab. SuperCool Applications is located in Tel Aviv, Israel.

SuperCool Applications Digital Signature

Supercool Applications certificate says Tel Aviv, Israel

So, why should you avoid the SuperCool Applications “Flash Player” and instead download Flash from the official site? The anti-virus scanners should convince you:

SuperCool Applications virus total scan result.

Seven of the anti-virus programs detects the the SuperCool Applications file, and refers to it as Max Setup, InstallCore, Install Core Click run Software and PUP.Optional.InstallCore.

Hope this helped you to get the official Flash Player and skip the SuperCool Applications download.

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