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Remove Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 – Uninstall Guide

Found a new variant of the CrossRider adware called Rewin_Cinematic 1.1, so I thought I should write a removal guide. If you have the Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 adware on your machine, you will see ads labeled “Ads by Rewin_Cinematic 1.1“. These ads are inserted into web pages when you browse:

Ads by Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 banner

Ads by Rewin_Cinematic 1.1

Obviously Rewin_Cinematic is adware. The adware files are digitally signed by Monkey Code Lab.

Rewin_Cinematic is installed as add-ons in your web browsers. Here’s how it appears in Mozilla Firefox:

Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 in Firefox

Removing Rewin_Cinematic is pretty easy. All you have to do is check the Rewin_Cinematic files in FreeFixer for removal as shown in the screenshots below.

Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 tasks Rewin_Cinematic internet explorer Rewin_Cinematic firefox extension

That’s it! Hope that helped you remove Rewin_Cinematic.

Do you also have the Rewin_Cinematic adware installed on your machine? Any idea how it was installed? Please share by posting a comment.