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Powered by SmartBar Coupons Ads – Removal Instructions

I’m currently running some final tests on FreeFixer v1.07, which hopefully will be released later on today.

I ran into a Powered by SmartBar coupon ad while browsing sites such as WalMart and BestBuy:

powered by Smartbar coupon ad on Walmart

If you see these Smartbar ads on your machine, you can remove them by uninstalling a browser add-on called Snap.Do, either from Firefox’s Add-On dialog, or by selecting the Snap.Do extension for removal in FreeFixer:

Removing the SnapDo extension from Firefox

During my testing SnapDo/Smartbar did not install into Internet Explorer. Do you get the¬†“Powered by SmartBar” ads in Internet Explorer?

Please let me know if this post helped you remove the Smartbar, or if you need more information.