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DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L.U – 53% Detection Rate – SoftPulse / Mikey / AdPlugin

Hello! Just a short note on a publisher called DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L.U.


You can also view the certificate by right-clicking on the file, and looking under the Digital Signature tab: According to the certificate we can see that DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L.U is located in Santa Cruz, Tenerife in Spain and that the certificate is issued by thawte SHA256 Code Signing CA.

DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L.U certificate

After uploading the DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L.U file – Setup(1).exe – to VirusTotal, it was clear that it’s probably better to delete the file than running it. The detection rate was 53% and some of the detection names were: PUA.SoftPulse!, AdPlugin.FNB, Gen:Variant.Mikey.24388, Trojan.Domaiq.321, PUP.Optional.SoftPulse and HEUR/QVM11.1.Malware.Gen.

DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L.U anti-virus report


Did you also find a DIGITAL PLUGIN SLU file?

Thank you for reading.

Digital Plugin S.L Publisher – VirusTotal Detections

Sorry for not posting anything during the days. I’ve been having a few days off visiting friends and family. Before my time off I found another publisher called DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L that bundles some potentially unwanted programs. The file I found was called Player.exe and I could see DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L appear when double-clicking on the file.

Digital Plugin S.L Publisher


Update 2015-06-29: Found another download with the publisher name “Digital Plugin SL“.

Viewing the certificate information is also possible by looking under the digital signature tab for the file. Here the certificate says that DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L is located in Tenerife.

Digital Plugin S.L Certificate

Digital Plugin S.L Tenerife


And the certificate was issued by GlobalSign.

The reason for posting about DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L is that the file is detected by many of the anti-virus programs. Currently player.exe is detected by 13 of the 52 anti-virus scanners:

Digital Plugin S.L Virus Total detections

Hope you found this post useful.

Did you also find a download signed by DIGITAL PLUGIN S.L? What kind of download was it?

Update 2015-09-12: Today I noticed another download called google_chrome.exe, signed by Digital Plugin SL.

Digital Plugin SL cert again


This is another certificate, issued by VeriSign. VirusTotal reports a 19/57 detection ratio.