Tiger Download – 33% Detection Rate – Kazy / IBryte

Hi there! Did you just find a file that’s digitally signed by Tiger Download and came to this blog to find more about it? I ran into this one while I was looking at the steady stream of files submitted to the FreeFixer library.

The reason for posting about Tiger Download is that the file is detected by many of the anti-virus programs. F-Secure classifies flashplayerpro_Setup.exe as Gen:Variant.Adware.Kazy.491026, Kaspersky detects it as not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.iBryte.jig, Malwarebytes detects it as PUP.Optional.Fusion.A and VIPRE names it Optimum Installer (fs). Big thanks to VirusTotal for the scan report.

Tiger Download

Another problem with the Tiger Download file is how it is named: “flashplayerpro”. Users might think that it is an official Flash Player setup file, but it’s not. The official Flash Player download should be signed by Adobe Systems Incorporated, not by Tiger Download. Here’s how the official Flash Player installer should look like when you run it:

Adobe Systems Incorporated - Adobe Flashplayer Installer

Did you also find a Tiger Download file? Do you remember where you downloaded it?

Thanks for reading.