VerifiedInstallation – 11% Detection Rate – AdGazelle

Hello! If you are a regular here on the FreeFixer blog you know that I’ve been looking on the certificates used to sign files that bundled various types of unwanted software. Today I found another certificate, used by a publisher called VerifiedInstallation.

So, what does the anti-virus programs say about the VerifiedInstallation file? No problem, I just uploaded the file to VirusTotal and it turned out that some of the anti-virus programs detects the VerifiedInstallation file, with names such as AdGazelle.246, Adware.Downware.11074, a variant of Win32/AdGazelle.J potentially unwanted and AdGazelle (fs).

VerifiedInstallation anti-virus report

Did you also find a VerifiedInstallation file? Do you remember where you downloaded it? Was your file also detected at VirusTotal?

Thanks for reading.