wkj.datropy.com Web Forgery Says Mozilla

If you’ve been following this blog for the last week, you know that I’ve been posting about pop-ups such as enh.guzzlepraxiscommune.com and aal.coupmatch.com. The good news is that Mozilla Firefox is now blocking wkj.datropy.com as a Web Forgery.

wkj.datropy.com web forgery says mozilla when loading the awl.coupmatch.com pop-up

If you get pop-ups like this one, you most likely have some adware on your machine. Check out the two links above for more info on how to track down and remove the adware.

Happy adware hunting! Please let me know which adware you had to remove to stop these pop-ups.

Update: Safari on my Mac is now reporting wkj.datropy.com as suspected phishing site.

wkj.datropy.com -warning suspected phishing site

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