Daneil Jemoch Publisher – WARNING!

Just a quick post before starting todays programming on the FreeFixer tool. This is the second time I spot a file digitally signed by Daneil Jemoch that bundles lots of unwanted programs. Though I should warn you and hopefully save you from some unnecessary adware cleaning. You can see Daneil Jemoch appear as the publisher when running the file as shown below.

Daneil Jemoch Publisher - Excellent4App Daneil Jemoch publisher

You can also check who signed a file by checking the digital signature tab. The screenshot below shows the Daneil Jemoch certificate. From the certificate info we can see that Daneil Jemoch appears to be located in Kiev, Ukraine.


Daneil Jemoch, Kiev, Ukraine

The anti-virus programs have a decent detection rate for the Daneil Jemoch file:

Daneil Jemoch virus total

The anti-virus scanners refers to the file as Graftor, MultiPlug and InstalleRex.

Where did you find the  Daneil Jemoch signed file?

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  1. I downloaded a file from ShareBeast, a mp3 downloading site, and the same thing opened up when I was trying to open the file. I was suspicious about it and searched them up, now I know not to open the file and let him in my computer. Thanks!

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