Findopolis Ads Removal

Getting bombarded by Findopolis ads like in the screenshot below. No problem, I’ll show how to remove the Findopolis adware. Read on…Findopolis ads

The Findopolis adware has been are for some time, at least from the beginning of February 2014, but it is still being distributed. So I though I should write a few lines about it. I found Findopolis yesterday when a pop-up claimed that my computer needed a “Video Upgrade”.

All you need to do to remove Findopolis is to check the Findopolis files for removal in FreeFixer and click the Fix button.

findopolisbho.dll - Check this file for removal

Here’s a video showing demonstrating the removal:

Hope you found this useful.

How did you get Findopolis on your machine? Please share your story in a comment below.

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