Remove Settings Manager by Aztec Media

If you see systemku.exe and SystemkService.exe running in the Task Manager you have the Settings Manager by Aztec Media installed on your machine. SettingsManager comes bundled with some free software downloads.


Settings Manager is detected by some of the anti-virus programs. Here’s the scan result for the SystemkService.exe file:


You can simply uninstall SettingsManager from the Windows Control panel as shown in the video below:

If the Settings Manager removal failed for some reason, you can also remove it with FreeFixer, by selecting Systemku.exe, SystemkService.exe, sysapcrt.dll and the Settings Manager Firefox extension for removal.

systemku.exe process in the task manager

systemk service


settings manager by aztec media in firefox

How did you get Settings Manager on your machine? Please share your story in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Remove Settings Manager by Aztec Media

  1. Hello Roger,

    Thanks for your solution.

    Uninstalling the Settings Manager & rebooting the sys has help me get rid of my issue.

    Sridhar Bandari

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