What is Outobox and How To Remove It

Sorry for not posting or doing any work on the FreeFixer program for the last month. Due to some unexpected events I’ve spent the last 30 days in the hospital with my new born son. Luckily everything is under control and the three of us are back home.

Today I found an adware program called Outobox. It is bundled with downloads from CNET.


The Outobox Terms and Conditions describes the Outobox functionality as shown in the screenshot.

Outobox Terms and Conditions

Outobox can show many types of ads, such as search ads, banner ads, text ads, etc.

Unfortunately I’ve not managed to trigger the Outobox ads on my lab machine, therefore no screenshot of the actual ads. I assume the ads are labeled  “Outobox”.

Do you see the Outobox ads on your machine? Please send a screenshot and I’ll update this blog post.

If you have Outobox installed on your machine, you’ll see the Outobox Extension listed in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. You’ll also see outoboxbho.dll loaded into Internet Explorer.

Outobox 1.0.0 Firefox Extensionoutoboxbho.dll

Removing Outobox is easy. Just uninstall it from the Add/Remove programs dialog. If the removal fails you can remove Outobox with FreeFixer.

Please let me know what you think about Outobox by posting a comment.

Outobox in the Add/Remove Programs dialog