KeepMySearch and OneKit – Removal Instructions

Yesterday I was fooling around with one of those downloads that I know bundles various types of unwanted software. I ran the installer over and over again to see if any new bundled software would install. Bingo.

Found something called OneKit and KeepMySearch, which added a desktop icon in form of a orange magnifying glass and a process named onekit.exe running in the background. The onekit.exe file was digitally signed by Montiera Technologies LTD. The company description on the file is Pay By Ads LTD.

onekit icon

When double-clicking on the OneKit icon a dialog for something called KeepMySearch popped up.

keepmysearch popup

And when opening my Firefox browser, the Keep My Search widget appeared on the left side:

keepmysearch widget

The same KeepMySearch widget also appeared in Google Chrome.

Only a few of the anti-virus scanners are detecting the onekit.exe file according to VirusTotal. Just a 9% detection rate. Montiera and PUP.Optional.PayByAds.A are two of the detection names for onekit.exe.

onekit.exe virustotal report: 9% detection rate

OneKit has an entry in the Uninstall program dialog which should allow you to uninstall it. I have not tried it though. FreeFixer can remove the OneKit software by selecting the two entries in the scan result as shown in the screenshots below.

onekit uninstaller

onekit.exe process onekit.exe startup

Did you also get the OneKit and the KeepMySearch software on your computer? Any idea where you got it?