Kiril Skiba – 2 of 54 Anti-Virus programs detect the Kiril Skiba file

Hello there, just a quick post on a publisher called Kiril Skiba that I found while running some tests on FreeFixer v1.12. I should have this new version of FreeFixer out this week. The suspicious file is named ldownload.exe and the following screenshot shows the User Account Control dialog when running the Kiril Skiba file.

Kiril Skiba appears as the Verified publisher.

The digital certificate appears to be relatively new. It’s valid from the 11th of Junly, 2014. According to the certificate, Kiril Skiba is located in Ukraine. The certificate is issued by  Certum Code Signing CA.

Kiril Skiba certificate

At the time being, the detection score for the Kiril Skiba file is very low. When I uploaded the file to VirusTotal – as I usually do when I find something that looks suspicious –  only QIhoo-360 and VBA32 detected the file. The detection names are HEUR/Malware.QVM10.Gen and suspected of Trojan.Downloader.gen.h. With those two detections, I’d stay away from the file. It will be interesting to see if the other anti-virus programs will add this file it in the future.

Kiril Skiba ldownload.exe virus total report

When I tested to run the Kiril Skiba file, nothing appeared to happen. I could not see any modification at all on my lab computer. No windows popped up. Nothing.

Did you also find a file digitally signed by Kiril Skiba? Did it pose as something useful?