Remove InfiniNet Ads – Adware Removal Guide

Getting bombarded with ads labeled “InfiniNet Ads” in Internet Explorer and Firefox? Then you got the InfiniNet adware installed on your machine. InfiniNet inserts ads while you browse the web. I’ve seen the ads appear on all types of web pages.

InfiniNet Ads

Here InfiniNet inserts ads in search results on the Google search engine: InfiniNet ads in Google search results

I found the InfiniNet adware while testing another download that I knew had a history of bundling other types of adwares. Here’s how InfiniNet was disclosed in the installer:

InfiniNet installer

InfiniNet installs itself as an add-on in Firefox and Internet Explorer. Here’s how it shows up in Firefox’s add-on menu:

InfiniNet 1.0.1 in firefox

The anti-virus scanners seems to be pretty up to date when it comes to detecting InfiniNet.

InfiniNet Virustotal report

The detection rate is 45% which I think is pretty good. Some of the detection names are BrowseFox and AltBrowse.

The InfiniNet removal is straightforward with Freefixer. Just start the scan, select the InifiniNet files, click Fix and reboot your machine and the ads should be long gone. Here’s a few screenshots that shows FreeFixer in action deleting the InfiniNet files:

infininet firefox infininet bho

How did you get InfiniNet on your machine? Please share by posting a comment.