New IT Limited Digital Signature – What does it bundle?

I was playing around and testing some downloads when I found a file signed by New IT Limited. This is how it looks when double-clicking on the file and New IT Limited appears as the publisher.

new it limited publisher

It is also possible to check a digital signature by looking at a file’s properties.  Here’s a screenshot of the New IT Limited certificate:

The New I Lmited certificate

New IT Limited appears to be located in Nicosia, Cyprus.

new it limited subject

What initially caught my interest was that the file was named Game of Thrones HDTV.. after the the famous TV-series Game of Thrones from HBO. 2 the 51 scanners over at VirusTotal detected the New IT Limited file. Win32:FourShared-D [PUP] and a variant of Win32/4Shared.S where the detection names:

New IT Limited VirusTotal scan FourShared/4Shared

Since the ESET-NOD32 and Avast detected the file I got curious and decided to run the file. Turns out the installer bundled the Qone8 search engine:


Did you also find a download that was digitally signed by New IT Limited? What kind of download was it?

Thanks for reading!