Save On, SO.Booster and SO.Sustainer 1.80 – Removal Instructions

Found a few new variants of SaveNet this morning. The new variant appear as Save On, SO.Booster and SO.Sustainer 1.80 in the Add/Remove programs dialog. These where found in a camera related software, and the setup file was digitally signed by Daneil Jemoch. Save On inserts ad links while you browse. The links are underlined with a green small arrow and are labeled “Click to Continue > by save on” as shown in the screenshot below:

Click to Continue by save on

These are the detection results from VirusTotal for SO.Booster.exe:

so.booster.exe virustotal scan result

If you have Save On, SO.Booster and SO.Sustainer 1.80 on your machine, you may have noticed a file called SO.Booster.exe or SO;Booster.exe running on your computer at startup or that new add-ons have appeared in your browser. Here’s a screenshot from Firefox that shows the SaveOn add-on:

save on 2.14 in Firefox

The removal is pretty straightforward with the FreeFixer removal tool. Simply check the SaveOn, SO.Booster and SO.Sustainer files, as shown in the screenshots:

so.booster.exe scheduled task save-on firefox extension so.booster.exe process SaveOn hook up in the system as an AppInit_DLL save-on-internet-explorer

How did you get SaveOn on your machine?


6 thoughts on “Save On, SO.Booster and SO.Sustainer 1.80 – Removal Instructions

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    Horrible people who are behind this.

  2. I noticed that the dates of installation were wrong too. I downloaded a program yesterday and that’s when I noticed something was wrong. I looked through my programs to see what was downloaded on said date, SAve on said it had been downloaded 2 yrs ago but I didn’t remember seeing it in my programs list til today. I tried looking it up on the net and all I got was a bunch of “how to save on” links…was starting to get pretty frustrated. It also said that it was a microsoft program, certified and all…hmm. I still thought something was fishy about it and that’s when I stumbled across this article. Thanks for sharing this info with us. I for one greatly appreciate it!

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