Oleh Aleksyuk – Stay away from files signed this publisher!

Hello readers, just wanted to warn you about a publisher called Oleh Aleksyuk. I downloaded a file that claimed to be an e-book, but instead the file had an .exe extension and was digitally signed by someone named Oleh Aleksyuk. When launching the file, a bunch of bundled programs was offered in the installer. EZDownloader, SW-Booster and Adblocker were some of the programs that appeared after running the file.

Oleh Aleksyuk

The digital certificate appears to be rather new. It’s valid from the 24th of June, 2014. According to the certificate, Oleh Aleksyuk is located in Russia.

Oleh Aleksyuk certificate. Valid from 24 june 2014.

Currently the detection rate for the Oleh Alexsyuk file is very low. When I uploaded the file to VirusTotal, only MalwareBytes detected the file. The detection name is PUP.Optional.MultiPlug. It will be interesting to see if the other anti-virus programs will detect it in the future.

Oleh Aleksyok virustotal report

Did you also find a file digitally signed by Oleh Aleksyuk? Do you remember where you downloaded it? Please share by posting a comment.

10 thoughts on “Oleh Aleksyuk – Stay away from files signed this publisher!

  1. In uploaded.net, I’ve downloaded a .rar file, but the real file downloaded was the file with a .exe in extension. from oleh aleksyuk
    I’ve open the archive, “nothing “happens, I don’t have a anti-virus, should I be worried about that?

    1. If you only downloaded the file, you can just delete it with Windows Explorer. If you also started the Oleh Aleksyuk file, I’d recommend you scan your computer with an anti-malware tool to make sure nothing malicious was installed. I deleted the unwanted programs with the FreeFixer tool.

  2. On listentoyoutube.com I converted a file called “Spooky Scary Skeletons” to an mp3. The first time I did it it gave me an exe file by this publisher and a fake but convincing mp3 file logo, and was called “Spooky Scary Skeletons.exe”. I don’t know how it detected the name and the fact that it was an mp3 file, but the second time I did this it was just my ordinary mp3 file. This has happened before with this site but the file is called “Converted File”. Looks like these little virus makers found a clever way of finding the name of the video too. The website I said earlier never used to have this problem =(

  3. Thanks for the advice man! I almost download a file with the oleh aleksyuk signature 🙂

  4. Thank you for this post, I’ve downloaded a file but I wasn’t sure about his credibility.
    after goggling the publisher’s name a came to this website, now I can delete the file and be pleased with my instincts 🙂

  5. I doubt anyone that got it from this source bothered to post about it or look it up but here I am so I feel inclined to say I actually found an Aleksyun file on minecraftdl.com sooo that’s a bit concerning that these virus’ is obtainable now from a site like this. Even more so I seemed to get it from a normal download link rather than a random ad or something so it’s possible there are fake articles being created to host these .exe files. Scary. Found the publisher, looked him up, found this, used anti-malaware, problem solved.

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