TubeHD Adware – Removal Instructions

I was reviewing some of the files submitted to the FreeFixer database tonight and found something new called TubeHD. This looked like a new variant of the CrossRider adware and the VirusTotal scan result clearly shows that is the case:

TubeHD is detected as Adware.CrossRider

Typically, adware such as TubeHD is distributed through bundling. That is, when downloading and installing some application, an additional offer is shown that suggests you should also install TubeHD.

Did you get Tube HD though bundling? If you remember the download link or the name of the software that bundled TubeHD, please let me know by posting a comment below. I’d like to try the installer to see how well TubeHD is disclosed.

Removing TubeHD with FreeFixer is pretty straightforward, assuming it’s just a regular variant of the Crossrider adware. Just select the TubeHD files for removal in the scan result, and then click Fix. The files should all be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\TubeHD-V1.8\ or C:\Program Files\TubeHD-V1.8\. The version number can vary depending on which version of TubeHD you have on your machine.

Thanks for reading!