PriceChop Ads Removal

Getting ads saying “Ad by PriceChop” or “Click to continue > by PriceChop“? Then you got the PriceChop adware running on your machine. I’ll show how to remove the PriceChop ads in this blog post.

pricechop - ad by Pricechop

PriceChop is installed as an add-on in your browser. Here’s how it appears in Firefox:

pricechop adblocker firefox add-on

Removal is pretty straightforward with FreeFixer. Just select the PriceChop, Adblocker, Assist.dll and SW-Booster files as shown in the screenshots below.

pricechop adblocker bho pricechop - trusted publisher sw-booster pricechop - sw-booster.exe pricechop - assist.dll pricechop - adblocker

By the way, here’s the scan results from VirusTotal for the PriceChop file loaded into Internet Explorer:

pricechop virus total

How did you get PriceChop on your computer?

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