Remove Browser App Adware

Getting ¬†ads labled “Ad by Browser App” or “Ads by Browser App“, like in the screenshots below:

Browseri_Appe Ad by Browser App

Browseri_Appe Ads by Browser App

Then you have the BrowserApp adware installed on your machine. You will also Browser App listed as a browser add-on. Here it is in Firefox:

Browseri_Appe 1.2 Firefox

The detection rate by the anti-virus programs are currently very low. Only 3 of the 50+ anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detects the Browser App files. Eldorado and Crossrider are two of the detection names:

Browser App virus total report

How to remove Browser App? No problem, just selected the Browser App files in FreeFixer and you will no longer see the ads:

Browseri_Appe tasks Browseri_Appe firefox extensions Browseri_Appe browser helper objectHow did you get the BrowserApp adware on your machine?

These are the variants I’ve found:

  • Browser_AppS 1.1
  • Browseri_Appe 1.2
  • Browsers App
  • Browsers Apps +



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