R2D2 Tech Software LLC – 27% Detection Rate – Eldorado/InstallBrain

Hi there! Just a note post this morning on a publisher called R2D2 Tech Software LLC. The R2D2 Tech Software LLC download – CodecPerformerSetup.exe – was detected when I uploaded it to VirusTotal. Did you also find a download by R2D2 Tech Software LLC? Was it also detected when you uploaded it to VirusTotal?

R2D2 Tech Software publisher in the UAC dialog

If you have a R2D2 Tech Software LLC file on your machine you may have noticed that R2D2 Tech Software LLC is displayed as the publisher in the UAC dialog when double-clicking on the file. Viewing the certificate information is also possible by looking under the digital signature tab for the file. Here the certificate says that R2D2 Tech Software LLC is located in Beaverton, Oregon, USA.

R2D2 Tech Software certificate shows the publisher is from the US

So, why am I writing about the R2D2 Tech Software LLC file? Check out what the anti-virus scanners report about the file:

R2D2 Tech Software LLC VirusTotal - InstallBrain, Eldorado

F-Prot reports CodecPerformerSetup.exe as W32/A-3442f84d!Eldorado, Qihoo-360 classifies it as Malware.QVM06.Gen and VIPRE detects it as InstallBrain (fs) are a few of the detection names for CodecPerformerSetup.exe.

Did you also find an R2D2 Tech Software LLC? Do you remember the download link? Please post it in the comments below and I’ll upload it to VirusTotal to see if that one is also detected.

Thank you for reading.