Browser SafeGuard – How To Remove

Do you see an icon labelled Browser Safeguard in the system tray and BrowserSafeguard.exe running in the Windows Task Manager?browsersafeguard.exe

Then you have the Browser SafeGuard proxy software installed on your machine. According to the EULA it may show ads:

Furthermore, you understand and agree that: .. some services and/or software provided by Browser Safeguard contain advertising.  Additionally, we may supply advertising from time to time on websites that you visit.

Under normal circumstances I usually show how to remove software with FreeFixer, but since Browser Safeguard modifies your computer’s proxy settings I think it’s better to let it handle the uninstall process. FreeFixer does not have any “restore proxy settings” feature, but  that is certainly something that I should add.

Please let me know if you have lost your Internet access after removing BrowserSafeguard.exe manually. I’ll post some instructions here on how to restore Internet proxy settings.

Here’s a video tutorial where I show how to remove BrowserSafeguard:

3 thoughts on “Browser SafeGuard – How To Remove

  1. I was not successful with Win8 using the uninstall (or change) program. The system responded that I did not have access rights (I do). However, McAfee sent a “blocked” message that was able to remove the program.

    An earlier attempt to remove resulted in my internet Proxy setting being corrupted.

  2. Dear Roger, Browsersafeguard has ruined my P C, and I am at a loss how it got on my Computer. Anyway, I have had my PC fixed 4 times and it still goes into “Safemode” and I cannot watch any videos etc. Is there anyway you could email me the instructions to get this awful thing off my pc? I’m nearly 70 now and only survive on the State Pension, so I can’t afford to get the Blessed thing fixed anymore. But it’s the only way I can keep in contact with my 2 grandsons in Fredericksburg, Virginia. My daughter, their Mom. died last year and I couldn’t even get to her funeral. IF, you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. David Glass

    1. Hello David, sorry for the delay. Sorry to hear your daughter passed away.

      Does your PC show any error message related to the Browsersafeguard software when it goes into safe-mode instead of normal Windows mode?

      Unfortunately, I do not know what could be causing the problem. However, I found a forum post over here:

      where the suggested solution is:

      1. Start Windows
      2. Click the Start button -> select “run” -> type in “msconfig”. This will bring up the MSConfig tool.
      3. Go to the “boot.ini” tab and deselect the option “/SAFEBOOT”

      Did this help you solve the safe-mode problem?

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