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Did you just get a pop-up survey from while browsing in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer? Did the survey from pop up while browsing a web site that normally does not have any pop-ups? If so, you probably have some software installed on your machine that shows the pop-ups rather than that they are coming from the web site you currently visit. I’ll give you some advice on how remove the surveys in this blog post. pop-up survey

If you’ve been reading the FreeFixer blog during the last week you already know that I’ve installed a bunch of adware on my labs machine, and that I’m monitoring the advertising that these adwares display to the user. I noticed the pop-up on one of the lab machines where I had installed the BlockAndSurf and SmartOnes adware. So that’s a good starting point if you’d like to remove the surveys.

However, I’d like to point out that the surveys are probably launched by other variants of adware, in addition to the ones I mentioned above, which makes it difficult to point out exactly what needs to be remove to stop the pop-ups. More on the removal later on.

Generally, this type of surveys often tries to make it appear as if they are official surveys from the web site you were currently browsing, typically by showing the domain name of the site you were browsing. Sometimes they also claim that your feedback will improve the site that you were currently visiting and that you will get some type of reward when completing the survey. As you can see in the screenshot the above, the survey claims to be from, which of course is fake. I own the web site and I do not show surveys like this. If you can read Swedish you can also see that the survey promises you will get an “exclusive gift from”, which is a lie.

If you are wondering if you are the only one getting the surveys. The answer is NO. Just check out the traffic report from Alexa. This web site is getting a ton of traffic. There are probably tens of thousands of users that see some content from every day. I wish I had that traffic rank on 😉 traffic rank

So the removal? Personally I would start to check the Add/Remove programs dialog in the Windows Control Panel to see if anything suspicious appears there and remove it. Do you see stuff that you don’t remember installing? In particular, if you sort on the “Installed on” date, do you see something that was installed about the same time as you first spotted the surveys?

I would also check the add-ons installed into Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or whatever browser you are using. Do you see anything suspicious? Is there something listed that you don’t remember installing?

If that did not solve the problem, you can try FreeFixer, a tool that I’ve been working on for quite some time now. FreeFixer is a tool designed to help users manually identify and remove unwanted software, such as the adware that’s running on your machine. Basically it scans the processes running on your machine, browser add-ons, startups, scheduled tasks, recently modified files, and lots of other locations. FreeFixer is freeware and its removal feature is not crippled liked many other cleaners out there. If FreeFixer solved your problem, I’d appreciate it a lot if you let your friends know about the tool.

Tip: If you are having difficulties to figure out whether a file or setting in FreeFixer’s scan result is legitimate or if it should be removed, please check out the information shown on the More Info page. It will show a VirusTotal report which can be quite useful when trying to determine whether to keep or remove a file.

The More Info links opens up a VirusTotal report. Click for full size.

Hope you found this useful and that it helped you with the removal.

What adware did you remove to stop the pop-ups on your computer? Please share by posting a comment below. That will help other users in the same situation. Thank you very much!

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  1. Have been driving traffic by pop-under on one of my sites from a newcomer network and some days are better than the others. Anyone has any idea on how to improve the visitors flow?
    For those who are not here yet, pop-under opens your pages on somebody else ‘s site.

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