How To Remove Pop-Up Ads

Getting pop-ups from If those pop-ups also sneak through the built-in pop-up blockers in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, you most likely have some adware installed on your machine. I’ll give some advice on how to remove the pop-up in this blog pop-up

The removal is pretty straightforward, I uninstalled the adware that was installed on my machine with help from the FreeFixer removal tool. The adware were BlockAndSurf, Browser Warden and Tiny Wallet. In my case, BlockAndSurf was responsible for the pop-ups. Please keep in mind, that the pop-ups can be launched by other variants of adware. I think Safer-Surf and CheckMeUp, SpeedCheck and Salus can also be responsible for the pop-ups.

Tip: If you are having problems to determine whether a file or setting in FreeFixer’s scan result is good or bad, please have a look at the information shown on the More Info page, which appears when clicking on the More Info link as shown in the screenshot below. It will show a VirusTotal scan which can be useful when trying to determine whether to keep or remove the file.

FreeFixer More Info opening up the info page for Skype_setup.exe
The More Info links in FreeFixer opens up a VirusTotal report. Click for full size.

Hope that stopped the pop-ups on your machine.

What adware did you uninstall on your machine to get rid of the ads? Thank you very much for sharing and helping other users in the same situation.

Thank you for reading and welcome back! I’m going to follow up this one with more info later today or tomorrow.

Update 2014-10-30: Below is the full URL for the pop-up when I spotted it in Chrome. It mentions the domain (, it also sends the name of the adware to the server, in this case SaferSurf. The URL also contains, which was the web site I was visiting when the pop-up appeared. The URL also contains WhiteLabelBidRequestHandlerServlet, indicating that something in the back-end is written in Java.

Based on the traffic I’m getting to this blog post it appears that there’s a large number of users having problems with the pop-ups. The Alexa traffic rank today shows that the site has reached a global rank of 26153 in just a few traffic rank

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  1. What a pointless piece of software. The average user would have no clue what he was doing with it . Virtually everything is lists can be obtained by using task manager.

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