Remove “Powered by HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10” Ads in Google Search results

Hello readers. Welcome to the blog. Did something called HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 appear on your computer? HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 seems to be a variant of CrossRider that I’ve talked about previously. If the HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 Adware is installed on your computer, you will find ads labeled powered by HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 in Google’s search results. I’ll show how to remove HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 in this blog post with the FreeFixer removal tool.

powered by hq-video-pro-2.1

Here’s HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 in Firefox’ add-on menu:

hq-video-pro-2.1v26 in mozilla firefox

HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 is bundled with other software. Bundled means that it is included in another software’s installer.

You can remove HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 with the FreeFixer removal tool. Just select the HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 files as shown in the screen dumps below. You may have to restart your computer to complete the removal.

How to remove the hq-video-pro-2.1v26.10 tasks Removal of HQ-video-pro-2.1cv26 from Firefox How to remove hq video pro 2.1 in Internet Explorer

Hope this helped you solved the HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 problem.

I stumbled upon HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 while testing out some downloads that are known to bundled lots of unwanted software. Any idea how HQ-Video-Pro-2.1cV26.10 was installed on your machine? Please share by posting a comment. Thank you!

Thank you for reading.