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Hello folks, just a quick post before dinner. Are you getting pop-up ads from I’m sorry to say this, but you may have some adware installed on your machine. Here’s how the pop-up looked like when I was browsing with Mozilla Firefox. The pop-up can probably appear in Chrome and Internet Explorer too. pop-up

Anyway, the removal is pretty straightforward, I scanned the computer with FreeFixer and uninstalled an adware called Salus and the pop-ups were gone. It’s possible that these pop-up ads can be launched by variants of Salus or by other types of unwanted software on your machine. Did you have to remove something else than Salus? Please share in the comments below.

Hope this helped you remove

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Back again.. I checked the WHOIS database hoping to find some useful stuff about, but the domain is protected by WhoisGuard, Inc. company. The domain was created 2014-08-14, and the whois record was updated whois resolves to the following IP addresses:


Update 2014-10-23: I noticed the same pop-up while testing some other bundled software. One of them is responsible for the pop-up. My guess is Safer-Surf:

Update 2 2014-10-23: I just noticed that some of the pop-up ads were labeled “Ads by BlockAndSurf“. If your pop-up is labeled like this, removing BlockAndSurf will probably solve the problem. pop-up ad labeled "Ads by BlockAndSurf"

Update 2014-10-24: Found the same pop-up, but this time labelled “Ads by SpeedCheck“. Uninstalling SpeedCheck may solve the problem.

Ads by SpeedCheck

Update 2014-10-25: Tested to load the BlockAndSurf adware on my lab machine again, and it’s still popping up the web site. Are you finding a way to stop the pop-ups? Please share in the comments below.

Update 2 2014-10-25: Found another pop-up. This time labeled “Ads by salus“. If you have the Salus Adware installed on your machine, uninstall it. That might solve the problem.

Ads by salus - pop-up

Update 2014-10-27: I’m no longer getting this pop-up, instead it is loaded from

8 thoughts on “Remove Pop-Up Ads

  1. Hey,
    I just discovered these pop-ups but I tried to find Salus, I couldn’t find it. What else could be wrong?

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Caro,

      There are probably other adware variants out there that pop up these advertisements. I’ve seen this type of pop-up, although not the same domain name, when I had other adwares installed on my lab machine. They were called “BlockAndSurf”, “Browser Warden” and “TinyWallet”. But unfortunately, I think there are many other as well. Please let me know if you find out some additional info about which adware caused the pop-ups in your case. If you are analysing your computer with FreeFixer, I can have a look at your FreeFixer log to see if I spot something obvious. You can find my email address at

  2. Yes, I have the same problem with and am unable to delete the adware. I don’t have salus or the other on my comuter so they must have changed the name. Let me know plrease if anybody can figure put the new adware to get rid of.


  3. So it keeps popping up on my computer as well.. and I’m terrible with computers so how do I remove it? There’s no programs that have been installed in the past few days so I can’t just uninstall it from the control panel.. how do I get rid of it, preferably without having to download a program to remove it?
    thanks 🙂

  4. @Tom, @Alyssa, @Caro:

    I noticed the same pop-up while I had some other programs installed. I’ve updated the blog post with the names of the programs that may be responsible for the pop-up. Hope this will help you with the removal.

    If you find a solution to the pop-up problem, please post it to help other users in the same situation.

  5. I’m also having this problem but mine is labeled “Ads by info”… I’ve tried everything, from scanning my computer to examining files but nothing works.

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