Remove Pop-Up Ads

Getting lots of pop-up ads from If you have been following my posts here on the blog for the last week you know that I’ve been documenting the domain names that appears in pop-ups launched by adware installed on user machines. pop-up pop up ad in firefox

Adware, that is probably why you are getting these pop-ups. I removed the ads by using the freeware tool FreeFixer to uninstalling two adwares that was installed on my machine. The first was called TinyWallet and the other was named BlockAndSurf.

I think that other variants of adware can launch these pop-ups. Please keep that in mind while examining your computer for the unwanted software.

If you had to remove something else than BlockAndSurf or TinyWallet, please post a comment below to help other users in the same situation.

I also tried to get some more information about the domain using a WHOIS lookup, but the domain is protected by the WHOISGUARD company 🙁 resolves to the and IP address.


Did this help you solve the problem?

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