SerialTrunc Adware Removal Instructions

Yesterday I was testing FreeFixer for the v1.09 release and ran into an adware called SerialTrunc. The following screenshot should explain what the software does:

SerialTrunc may show offers, coupons, etc

Basically, it shows ads, coupons, etc.  Here are some of the detections done by the anti-virus programs:

  • Application.Win32.Altbrowse.AK
  • a variant of Win32/BrowseFox.F
  • AdWare.Win32.Agent
  • Adware/Agent.jaw
  • AdWare.Win32.Agent.ahbx
  • Riskware.Win32.Agent.cqvnby

Once installed, you will see an Internet Explorer and a Firefox add-on installed:

SerialTrunc and Feven extension in Firefox

You will also see files such as SerialTruncBho.dll and updateSerialTrunc.exe on your filesystem.

Removal is easy, just check the SerialTrunc files for removal in FreeFixer, or use the Add/Remove programs dialog:

SerialTrunc can be uninstalled from the add/remove programs dialog

Hope that helped you figure out what SerialTrunc is and how to remove it.

And by the way, how did you get SerialTrunc on your machine?