Stas Kosmov Publisher – Digital Signature Warning!

For some unknown reason I had trouble sleeping this night, so instead I spent a few hours hunting some adware installers. I found a file digitally signed by Stas Kosmov that bundled lots of unwanted software. Stas Kosmov will appear as the publisher when double-clicking on the file and in the file’s digital signature tab. According to the certificate Stas Kosmov is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

Stas Kosmov Publisher - Installer for TopApp soft

Stas Kosmov Digital Signature

Stas Kosmov Kiev Ukraine

So, what does the anti-virus scanners say about this file? The following scan result should convince you to not run the Stas Kosmov file:

stas kosmov virus total

Did you also find a file signed by Stas Kosmov? Where did you find it?

10 thoughts on “Stas Kosmov Publisher – Digital Signature Warning!

  1. Found the same app when I wanted to download a supposed PDF file of a 1988 firebird service manual.
    Found it here

  2. trough this topic


    I got a pdf with this link in it


    Did not trust the file so i pressed abort and did not install it.
    Used Google and found your topic about this guy “stas kosmov” .
    I went back to the forum and there was some guy cursing about tool bars and mall ware, he was not a happy guy.

    I don’t know what you want to do about it, but i did my best to help.

    Best regards,

  3. Ps, the link from the pdf was fine, but there was a big button saying download and that was your guy.

  4. yeah, found one too…. hxxp://

  5. I found it when i was looking for the program SpyHunter, in here: hxxps://

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