Coupigo Adware Removal Instructions

Seems like there’s a lot of new adware variants popping up right now. Found a new one called Coupigo this morning. Coupigo¬†adds itself into Firefox and Internet Explorer. Here’s how it appears in Firefox:

Coupigo Adware in Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Manager

FreeFixer can remove Coupigo with a few clicks. Just select the Coupigo files in the scan result and then hit the Fix button. Problem solved.

Coupigo Adware in Internet Explorer Coupigo Adware listed as a Firefox Extension

The anti-virus programs are clearly aware of the Coupigo adware. Just check out the detection result from VirusTotal. Graftor and MultiPlug seems to be the most common detection names. I’d say 33/53 is pretty good:

Coupigo detections at virus total - Graftor - MultiPlug

How did you get the Coupigo adware on your machine?