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How To Remove the AtuZi Adware

CNet’s Download.com site recently started bundling a new adware called AutZi. Basically it will show ads and change some browser settings:AtuZi CNet Installer

AutZi adds itself into Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as shown in the screenshots below:

AtuZi-1.0.1 Firefox add-on requesting install AtuZi In FirefoxAtuZi add-on Internet Explorer

Removing AutZi is pretty straightforward. You can just select the AtuZibho.dll file and the AtuZi Firefox extension in FreeFixer:AtuZibho.dllAutZi Firefox Extension

Here’s a step-by-step removal video that shows how to uninstall AtuZi with FreeFixer:

There’s also an entry in the Program and Features dialog which allows you to uninstall AtuZi:AtuZi Uninstall

Please let me know if this helped you remove AtuZi by posting a comment.