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Remove NeuroWise – Adware Uninstall Guide

Yesterday I tried one of the downloads listed at CNET’s Download.com site and found that they are bundling a new adware called NeuroWise:

neurowise cnet installer

Neurowise appears to be a variant of the Atuzi adware that they previously bundled. According to Download.com’s disclosure,

Neurowise content includes advertisements and is not affiliated with any underlying websites. Browser settings will be adjusted at install.

Typically, this type of adware shows banner ads labeled “Ads by Neurowise” or “Neurowise Ads“, but for some reason I did not see any ads while browsing around with neurowise installed. Did you spot any Neurowise ads? How did they look like and where did they appear?

Neurowise is installed as a browser add-on in Firefox and Internet Explorer. In case you haven’t already spotted it in Firefox, here’s how it appears in the add-on menu:

neurowise firefox add-on

The majority of the anti-virus programs over at VirusTotal are detecting Neurowise, as shown in the screeshot below. BrowseFox and AltBrowse are some of the detection names.

neurowisebho.dll virustotal report

Removing the Neurowise adware is a piece of cake with FreeFixer. Just start the scan, select the Neurowise files, click Fix, reboot you machine and the problem will be gone. Here’s a few screenshots showing FreeFixer in action removing the Neurowise files:

neurowise internet explorer neurowise firefox

Hope that helped you figure out what Neurowise is and how to remove it. Did you also get Neurowise from Download.com?