Context2pro, conadvanced.exe, contextprod.exe and contextfr.exe – Removal Instructions

Just a quick post. Found something called Cyclon or Context2Pro bundled in a free download. This is how it appeared in the installer.

Context2pro Cyclon Installer

Clicking the EULA link opened up a 404 Not Found page. Once installed I noticed pop-ups from pop up

The anti-virus programs have a relatively good detection rate for Context2Pro:

Context2Pro Contextprod.exe VirusTotal scan result

To remove Context2Pro, check conadvanced.exe, contextprod.exe and contextfr.exe for removal in FreeFixer. During my testing there was no entry in the Add/Remove programs dialog for Context2pro.

context2pro startups - contextfr.exe, conadvanced.exe and contextprod.exe Context2Pro processes contextadvanced.exe

How did you get Context2Pro on your computer?

2 thoughts on “Context2pro, conadvanced.exe, contextprod.exe and contextfr.exe – Removal Instructions

  1. I notice pop-ups from, but I didn´t download anything recently. Avira, Antimalware and Spybot & Search don´t detect anything wrong in my computer.
    Do you know how to avoid from my computer. Already installed adblock plus in my browser and created a special fiter for those site, but does not work.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Sounds like you may have some adware running on your machine. Do you get the pop-ups even when visiting sites that don’t use pop-ups such as Google, Wikipedia, etc?

      I’d recommend reviewing what’s running on your machine to see if something suspicious turns up. You could start off by looking in the Windows Task Manager and review your browser’s add-ons. If you would like to dig a little deeper you can check out FreeFixer.

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