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Context2pro, conadvanced.exe, contextprod.exe and contextfr.exe – Removal Instructions

Just a quick post. Found something called Cyclon or Context2Pro bundled in a free download. This is how it appeared in the installer.

Context2pro Cyclon Installer

Clicking the EULA link opened up a 404 Not Found page. Once installed I noticed pop-ups from markettizer.net.

markettizer.net pop up

The anti-virus programs have a relatively good detection rate for Context2Pro:

Context2Pro Contextprod.exe VirusTotal scan result

To remove Context2Pro, check conadvanced.exe, contextprod.exe and contextfr.exe for removal in FreeFixer. During my testing there was no entry in the Add/Remove programs dialog for Context2pro.

context2pro startups - contextfr.exe, conadvanced.exe and contextprod.exe Context2Pro processes contextadvanced.exe

How did you get Context2Pro on your computer?