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Connect Toolbar by Conduit – How To Remove

The Connect Toolbar by Conduit is now bundled with downloads on the Internet. I found it while downloading software from Download.com.

Connect Toolbar by Conduit in Firefox

It pretty straightforward to remove the Connect Toolbar. You can either use FreeFixer to remove it, or by uninstalling it through the Add/Remove programs dialog.

Connect DLC 5 Toolbar for Internet Explorer

If you want to remove the Connect Toolbar with FreeFixer, look for prxtbConn.dll,  cltmng.execltmngsvc.exe and TBVerifier.dll in FreeFixer’s scan result.

cltmng.exe and CltMngSvc-exe in FreeFixerprxtbConn.dll Connect Toolbar in FreeFixerConnect DLC 5 Firefox ExtensionConnect Toolbar by Conduit Download.com Installer