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GetMyFilesNow – How To Remove

Stumbled upon an adware called GetMyFilesNow the other day. Here’s how its installer looks like:

getmyfilesnow installer

Once installed it will appear as an add-on in Mozilla Firefox:

getmyfilesnow addon 1.0 in Firefox

So, what kind of advertising does GetMyFilesNow show? After installation the well-known Nav-Links type of ads started to appear, but when I tested it GetMyFilesNow also replaced Google Adsense ads on the web sites that I visited.

getmyfilesnow nav-link popup


GetMyFilesNow may also insert ads into Google search results. They ads are labeled “Powered by GetMyFilesNow“:

Powered by GetMyFilesNow ads

Many of the anti-virus programs are obviously aware of GetMyFilesNow. When I scanned getmyfilesnow.exe, 14 of the 53 anti-virus programs flagged the file. Most of them report it as KillFiles, Linkular and Linkun.

getmyfilesnow.exe virus total scan

You can remove GetMyFilesNow by simply removing the Firefox Extension, either directly in Firefox or by checking the extension for removal in FreeFixer:


Hope this helped you figure out what GetMyFilesNow is and how to remove it.

How did you get this adware on your machine? Please share by posting a comment.


Nav-Links Ads – Uninstall Instructions

Are you seeing ads that look something like this:

NavLink Ads while browsing wikipedia

Then you’ve got the “Nav-Links” (nav-links.com & intext.nav-links.com) software installed on your machine. Nav-Links are integrated into many web browser extensions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove the Nav-Links.

  1. Find a web page where the Nav-Links are shown.
  2. Disable all web browser extensions and verify that the Nav-Links no longer appear.
  3. Enable the extensions one by one and restart the browser, until you find which extension that contains the Nav-Links. In my case the extension was called weDownload Manager.
  4. Go to the Add/Remove programs dialog, and uninstall the software.
  5. Verify that the Nav-Links are gone.

Please let me and the other readers know which extension opened the Nav-Links on your machine.