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Remove Videos+Media+Players – Adware Removal Instructions

Did you just spot something called Videos+Media+Players on your machine or in your browsers?


No problem, you can remove it with the freeware tool FreeFixer. Just select the Videos+Media+Players files for removal in FreeFixer and click the Fix button. Problem solved.

videos+Media+Players remove videos+Media+Players delete

Did you also find Videos+Media+Players on your machine? Any idea how it was installed?

Update 2014-11-17: Found a new variant called “VideoMedia+Player_v2.3“. Do you think there will be variants called VideoMedia+Player_v2.4 and VideoMedia+Player_v2.5 coming soon? If you have this variant you may see ads labeled “Powered by VideoMedia+Player_v2.3”:

Powered by VideoMedia+Player_v2.3

Update 2014-11-19: Now the files are digitally signed by Xenon Play Center.

Xenon Play Center



Remove Klip Pal Ads

Just a quick post about the Klip Pal adware. Klip Pal is bundled with other software. I’ll show how to remove Klip Pal in this blog post. Here’s how it can appear in an installer:KlipPal installer disclosure

As you can see, KlipPal inserts advertisements on web sites while you are browsing the web.

Klip Pal installs itself in Internet Explorer and Firefox:

Klip Pal 1.0.1 firefox warning Klip Pal 1.0.1 in Firefox

Removing Klip Pal is a piece of cake with FreeFixer. Just select the Klip Pal files for removal and then click the Fix button and the ad problem will be solved.

KlipPalbho.dll internet explorer Klip Pal remove firefox

Hope this helped you solve the Klip Pal problem. Any idea how you got it on your machine?

Thanks for reading!

Browser+ Apps+ Removal – Ads by Browser+ Apps+ Removal Instructions

Found another adware variant called Browser+ Apps+ right now. If you got this on your machine, you will see some ads labeled “Ads by Browser+ Apps+” in the web browser. It adds a bunch of files and installs itself in your web browser. Here’s how it appears in Firefox:

browser+ apps+ 0.95.27 firefox

The Browser+ Apps+ removal with FreeFixer is pretty easy. Check all the Browser+ Apps+ files for removal and click fix. Here’s a few screenshots from the removal that should help you:

browser+ apps+ tasks browser+ apps+ bho

Thanks for reading.

Gogo Network Club – 13% Detection Rate – Win32.Adware.CrossRider

Just a quick post today, since I’m busy working with the next release of FreeFixer.  If you see some files on your system, such as Browser+ Apps-be.exe, that are digitally signed by Gogo Network Club, you probably have the CrossRider adware on your machine. Here’s the scan result from VirusTotal:

Gogo Network Club - Digital signature and Virus Total scan report.


Hope this helped you figure out what the Gogo Network Club files are.

Remove Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 – Uninstall Guide

Found a new variant of the CrossRider adware called Rewin_Cinematic 1.1, so I thought I should write a removal guide. If you have the Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 adware on your machine, you will see ads labeled “Ads by Rewin_Cinematic 1.1“. These ads are inserted into web pages when you browse:

Ads by Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 banner

Ads by Rewin_Cinematic 1.1

Obviously Rewin_Cinematic is adware. The adware files are digitally signed by Monkey Code Lab.

Rewin_Cinematic is installed as add-ons in your web browsers. Here’s how it appears in Mozilla Firefox:

Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 in Firefox

Removing Rewin_Cinematic is pretty easy. All you have to do is check the Rewin_Cinematic files in FreeFixer for removal as shown in the screenshots below.

Rewin_Cinematic 1.1 tasks Rewin_Cinematic internet explorer Rewin_Cinematic firefox extension

That’s it! Hope that helped you remove Rewin_Cinematic.

Do you also have the Rewin_Cinematic adware installed on your machine? Any idea how it was installed? Please share by posting a comment.


TubeHD Adware – Removal Instructions

I was reviewing some of the files submitted to the FreeFixer database tonight and found something new called TubeHD. This looked like a new variant of the CrossRider adware and the VirusTotal scan result clearly shows that is the case:

TubeHD is detected as Adware.CrossRider

Typically, adware such as TubeHD is distributed through bundling. That is, when downloading and installing some application, an additional offer is shown that suggests you should also install TubeHD.

Did you get Tube HD though bundling? If you remember the download link or the name of the software that bundled TubeHD, please let me know by posting a comment below. I’d like to try the installer to see how well TubeHD is disclosed.

Removing TubeHD with FreeFixer is pretty straightforward, assuming it’s just a regular variant of the Crossrider adware. Just select the TubeHD files for removal in the scan result, and then click Fix. The files should all be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\TubeHD-V1.8\ or C:\Program Files\TubeHD-V1.8\. The version number can vary depending on which version of TubeHD you have on your machine.

Thanks for reading!

Remove Browser App Adware

Getting  ads labled “Ad by Browser App” or “Ads by Browser App“, like in the screenshots below:

Browseri_Appe Ad by Browser App

Browseri_Appe Ads by Browser App

Then you have the BrowserApp adware installed on your machine. You will also Browser App listed as a browser add-on. Here it is in Firefox:

Browseri_Appe 1.2 Firefox

The detection rate by the anti-virus programs are currently very low. Only 3 of the 50+ anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detects the Browser App files. Eldorado and Crossrider are two of the detection names:

Browser App virus total report

How to remove Browser App? No problem, just selected the Browser App files in FreeFixer and you will no longer see the ads:

Browseri_Appe tasks Browseri_Appe firefox extensions Browseri_Appe browser helper objectHow did you get the BrowserApp adware on your machine?

These are the variants I’ve found:

  • Browser_AppS 1.1
  • Browseri_Appe 1.2
  • Browsers App
  • Browsers Apps +



Media_Play_AIR+ – Removal Instructions

Just wanted to let you know about a new adware variant called Media_Play_AIR+ that I found tonight. 8 of the 50 anti-virus scanners at VirusTotal detects the Media_Play_AIR_1.1-bg.exe file, which you may see in the Windows Task Manager: media_play_air+-virustotal Some of the anti-virus program calls Media_Play_AIR+ Artemis, CrossRider and AppRider.

These are the variants I’ve found so far:

  • Media_Play_AIR+_1.1
  • Mediaa_Play_AIR_1.4

I found Media_Play_AIR+ bundled with a Zip/Unzip utility. The setup file was digitally signed by CloverMedia SL. How did you get Media_Play_AIR on your computer? The Media_Play_AIR+ files are digitally signed by individual developer SIMONA-VIORICA MARIN, which according to the certificate is located in Bucharest, Romania. Media_Play_AIR+_1.1-bg.exe certificate You can remove Media_Play_AIR+ with FreeFixer. Just select the Media_Play_AIR+ files as shown in the screenshots. Most of the files are located in c:\Program Files \Media_Play_AIR+_1.1 or c:\Program Files (x86)\Media_Play_AIR+_1.1 on 64-bit Windows. media_player_air+ in Firefox media_play_air+-bho media_play_air+ Media_Play_AIR+ is a variant of MPlayerPlus. Since the removal procedure is the same I’ll link that removal video where you can see FreeFixer in action removing the adware: Hope you found this useful.

How To Remove MPlayerPlus_01

Just found a new adware variant called MPlayerplus_01. You might have found it in the Windows Task Manager where it appears as Mplayerplus_01-nova.exe or when inspecting the add-ons in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox:

Mplayerplus_01 0.94.34 Firefox

Update 2014-05-22: There seems to be another variant around called MPP, that uses filenames such as MPP-bho64.dll, MPP-bho.dll, MPP-codedownloader.exe, MPP-novainstaller.exe, MPP-nova.exe and MPP-bg.exe.

Update 2014-05-26: Just found another variant. It is called MPMP.

Update 2014-05-27: Seems like the MPlayerPlus_01 constantly updates its name. I’ll list any future name here:

  • MediaPlayer+
  • Media_play_er+

I found MPlayerplus_01 while checking out a free media player download. In my case the installer disclosed that MPlayerplus_01 was bundled. Currently only a few anti-virus programs flag MPlayerplus_01:

MPlayerplus_01 is reported as CrossRider by Virus Total

The anti-virus vendors report MPlayerPlus as CrossRider.

How did you get MPlayerplus_01 on your machine? Was it bundled with some free downloads, and if so, was it disclosed that MPlayerplus_01 would be installed along with the download?

Removing MPlayerplus_01 with FreeFixer is a piece of cake. All you need to do is to select the MPlayerplus_01 files for removal and click the Fix button.

MPlayerplus_01 Scheduled Tasks Mplayerplus_01 in Internet-Explorer MPlayerplus_01 Firefox Extension in  Freefixer

Here’s a removal video where I show FreeFixer in action deleting Mplayerplus:

Hope this helped you to figure out what MPlayerplus_01 is and how to remove it. If you like, please post a comment and share what you know about MPlayerplus_01.